Frequently Asked Questions about yaspi

I double-clicked wyaspi.exe but nothing happens

Look on the right side of the Windows Task Bar (the same where the Start button is). A new icon should have appeared there, that's yaspi.

Use the right mouse button to display its menu.

yaspi says ``unable to connect to POP3 server''

yaspi is missconfigured. Open the configuration file and check that everything is right.

yaspi says ``login failed''

Your login or password is wrong, check your configuration.

Be aware that some ISPs add the domain name to the login in some way, i.e.:

Look the configuration of your favourity mail client to know which one you are using there.

Some ISPs (i.e. require POP3 connections to go over SSL, yaspi does not support this kind of configuration yet.

My anti-virus says that yaspi mails are infected

Those are false positives from your anti-virus software. yaspi mails can contain some virus code but it's completely inactive and harmless.

As a work around you can lower the number of lines to scan on the myrules.cfg configuration file adding this entry:

  ScanLines: 6

Can I set yaspi to not delete mails comming from FOO@BAR.COM?

Yes, add lines similar to these

  My.Forbid.foo_at_bar_dot_com: \bFOO@BAR.COM\b
  My.Forbid.foo_at_bar_dot_com.Weight: -100

to your myrules.cfg file.

Can I use yaspi to clean my Hotmail account?

sorry, not yet :(

Well, you can use a HTTPMail => POP3 proxy, there are several available for free. Search on SourceForge

yaspi is sending the abuse reports to my ISP abuse address

Add the domains that your ISP uses in its mail servers to the skip-list.cfg file.