This short HOWTO explains how to set up the version of yaspi with GUI (wyaspi).


Unpack the .zip archive :-)


Run the wyaspi.exe executable. You will see a little new icon appear on your systray (the right side of the windows task bar).

Use the right mouse button to open its menu and select

  * -> open -> bot config

windows will ask you then how you want to handle .cfg files, select Notepad, Worpad or any other text editor of your choice (it is possible that Windows don't ask you about that, it's also ok).

yaspi configuration file will be opened on your favorite text editor and you have to set the config adecuate to your ISP.

The entries you have to change are POP3Server, POP3Login and POP3Passwd to set your POP3 server and the username and password you use to access it. SMTPServer to set the server for outgoing mail (some SMTP server also require autentication, in that case you also have to set SMTPLogin and SMTPPasswd).

Set also the e-mail addresses you want yaspi to use as the From (ReportFrom) and To (ReportTo) headers of the messages it is going to send.

Save the configuration file and exit the editor.

Lastly, but very important, open yaspi menu again an select:

  * -> open -> skip list

Replace the entry there with the domain of your ISP. If your ISP uses several domains use the same as on the POP3 server.

Save and close this file also.

check that it works

From the menu select

  * -> reload config

and then, made yaspi check your mail selecting from the menu

  * -> check all mail

after a while, a little box will appear near yaspi icon telling you how many mails have been deleted.

Download your new mail on your mail client or if you use webmail reload the messages list. Infected messages should have disapeared and you should also have a new message from yaspi telling how many messages were deleted (unless it didn't found infected mails to delete)

If something is wrong check the configuration again.

running it automatically

You will like to check your mailbox periodically for infected mails, for that select on the yaspi menu

  * -> check mail every -> X min

where X is what ever you prefer.

abuse reports

If you want to send abuse reports, open again the bot configuration and set

  ReportAbuse: 1

save and close the configuration and reload it from the menu.


Any question or problem can be directed to me at <sfandino@yahoo.com> or to the forums or the mailing list at SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/projects/yaspi


-- salva