To install yaspi under MS Windows we have to unpack the .zip archive with a program like WinZip in an easy to find place like C:\.


Nest, we have to edit yaspi configuration file bot.cfg (C:\yaspi\yaspi\cfg.bot if we had unpacked yaspi in C:\). We can use either Notepad or Worpad to edit the file.

The entries we have to change in the configuration file are POP3Server, POP3Login and POP3Passwd to set our POP3 server and the username and password we use to access it. SMTPServer to set the server for outgoing mail (some SMTP server also require autentication, in that case we also have to set SMTPLogin and SMTPPasswd).

We have to set also the e-mail addresses you want yaspi to use as the From (ReportFrom) and To (ReportTo) headers of the messages it is going to send.

After making these modifications we save the configuration file as a text file and mantaining the .cfg extension, otherwise yaspi is not going to recognize it.

Lastly, but very important, we have to edit the file skip-list.cfg and add there a line with the domain of our mail server, i.e. for Yahoo yahoo.com (if you are not sure about which domain you should put here, drop me a mail and I will try to help you).

running it

To run yaspi, we have to open a MS-DOS window and then move to the directory where yaspi is:

    cd C:\yaspi\yaspi

then we use this command to run it

    yaspi -v -r 20

that will clean the mailbox every 20 minutes.

By default, yaspi looks only at the new mails, but maybe the first time we would like to check also the old mails in the mailbox:

    yaspi -v -l

If will run once and exit, then we can call it as yaspi -v -r 20 to check the mailbox periodically.

To stop yaspi we have to select the MS-DOS window where it is running and press Ctrl and c keys at the same time.

abuse reports

Deleting the infected mails is ok but we can be more active fighting against the virus if we activate the abuse reports. I highly recommend it!

We open the configuration file bot.cfg again and search for the ReportAbuse entry. To activate the abuse reports we have to set it as:

  ReportAbuse: 1

(maybe they are already active)

Then we save the new configuration, stop yaspi and run it again.

On yaspi manual document there are several recomendations to follow when sending abuse reports so we should read it.


Any question or problem can be directed to me at <sfandino@yahoo.com> or to the forums or the mailing list at SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/projects/yaspi


-- salva